Company overview

Simple Legal Solutions has grown over the last 9 years into a leading claims management company. We have invested time and worked hard since the day we were formed to perfect our business model. Simple Legal Solutions is an evolving company, always adapting to the latest industry developments. It is this constant evolution and commitment to improvement which has allowed us to secure accounts with many UK-based law firms.

Law firms have confidence in working with Simple Legal Solutions, as we deliver what other claims management companies do not. We supply leads that are vetted to the highest standard and comply with all necessary regulatory guidelines.

The client’s journey starts at Simple Legal Solutions. All necessary details are captured, questions are answered, and advice is given. We invest our time in every client. Our team of trained solicitor allocators uses their expertise, and personal injury knowledge, to direct the client to a solicitor who best suits the criteria of the case. Our care for the client does not end here. We then create a live case on our tailored CRM system. This bespoke system keeps all the necessary departments updated with the progress of the case, by running daily reports and assisting with account management.

Once the client is accepted (currently 93% of the cases that we submit to the panel are accepted) the solicitors will send the relevant documents to our admin team. The paperwork is then allocated to a sign-up agent who specialises in the delivery and recovery of these documents. We want the client to feel supported at every stage of the process, so we offer a support line for any questions or queries they may have regarding the completion of the legal documentation

Our business is built on the quality leads we source. We have spent a vast amount of time and effort acquiring strategic partners who are ICO registered. These partners deliver high-quality leads from opt-in data. In addition, we receive leads through other channels. Such as our website or through social media campaigns.

Claims will be received and reviewed by our FNOL trained solicitor allocation team, who score each case individually against the relevant criteria. We are able to build strong and lasting relationships with our solicitors through open and transparent communication.

Simple Legal Solutions generates around 7,000 leads a year to a panel of Solicitors. The Management Team has the capabilities to ramp this up further if required through innovative marketing strategies. They can also adapt to new markets and utilise all their knowledge to deliver high-quality leads in these new markets to provide a strategic advantage to Law firms.

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