Claims Management Companies

At Simple Legal Solutions, we have established a network of UK solicitors, that we can connect claims management companies to.

Our dedicated Claims Management Services team can provide a cost-effective solution for CMCs in the UK looking to expand their business and handle more leads.

Why Use Simple Legal Solutions?

  • Reduce your cost per claim as a CMC
  • Optimise your conversion rate 
  • Connect with UK solicitors
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How We Help Claims Management Companies

Securing a UK claims solicitor to work on a case that falls under civil litigation can be challenging, but that’s where Simple Legal Solutions can help. Our highly experienced team, which we have built up over the years has a deep understanding of the many areas of civil litigation and are well-positioned to help CMCs across the country. We can help claims management companies to;

  • Reduce associated costs and expenses when it comes to case management
  • Increase your volume of work as a CMC immediately rather than going on trial
  • Improve your claims resolutions 
  • Shorten the life cycle of a typical claim or case
  • Help you to resolve a wide range of claims

Empowering CMCs

With Simple Legal Solutions by your side, you can increase the number of cases you work on, whilst simultaneously reducing your costs and optimising your success rate. Our Claims Management Team has worked hard to develop key relationships with a wide range of UK claims solicitors, which gives us the unique ability to connect CMCs with the right solicitors firm. This helps to save precious time and money and helps nurture business relationships between claims management companies and UK solicitors.

If this sounds like something that you’d be interested in learning more about, feel free to contact our team today. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions that you have regarding our approach and explain further how we help CMCs expand and succeed within the industry


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