SolicitorsBespoke cases, fully packaged and delivered to your case management system

It can be a time-consuming and expensive process to market your skills as a single practitioner or company. In order to attract clients, you will need to either spend a lot of time or money on networking or advertising. Your time is a valuable resource, so having access to a steady stream of packaged cases at your disposal is vital to allowing you to concentrate on generating income.

We offer a bespoke case delivery system for solicitors throughout the UK. This system includes:

  • All case types:

    Any case types that fall under civil litigation we can supply to you.

  • Your criteria:

    We can drill down into specific case types and provide only those that meet your exact criteria.

  • Legal ready:

    We only provide cases that are actually ready to run, zero admin work will be required when you receive a case from us. That is what CMCs are for.

  • IT ready:

    Cases can be sent directly into case management systems such as Proclaim.

  • FCA regulated:

    All of our cases are either directly marketed by ourselves or one of our trusted partner CMCs. In all instances, the cases are generated from ethical marketing strategies by FCA regulated companies.

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